Hang around with smart people

As we all know, the smart people in school were never the “cool ones,” no one really wanted to hang out with them, they were referred to as “geeks.” If you take an inventory of the people who were considered geeks in school and those who were considered cool, the geeks are successful and the cool people are the bums. So associate with smart people, their intelligence will rub off on you.

Go the extra mile

Don’t just do the homework that you have been given, spend time reading up on the subject, locate some interesting facts, write an essay. Do more than you are supposed to and you will always get the best grades.

Get on with it

The easiest way to get a low grade is to rush your work at the last minute. If you want that A grade you are going to have to start working as soon as you are given the assignment. You might have a week to submit it, but the moment you start saying “I will do it tomorrow,” you will keep saying that until the night before the deadline.